The Big Launch

VFX Nexus has been around for many years as a proprietary tool. During its life, it has been polished, twisted, optimized, customized, moved to a new server, given a new look, tested, and tested again. It’s lived through dozens of projects, and it’s been used across continents.

We knew we had a special toolset that other studios could start benefiting from. So, we took the initiative to turn what we generically called our “database” into a full-fledged commercial product.
We’ve added features, streamlined features, rethought everything. We added the ability to create custom terminologies for status settings. We created a robust set of tools for defining user types and permission settings for those users. We crafted it for artist accessibility and for the efficiency of the supervisors. We made it so we can get a new customer started with their own instance of VFX Nexus very quickly. And we added more and more security.

Now, we’re proud to release our creation out on the web. We’re “going live” this week, and we are truly excited.

We hope our customers come to rely on VFX Nexus as much as we have. It’s done the job splendidly for us all this time.

While we believe VFX Nexus is a complete package, we always welcome input and feedback to help drive the development of VFX Nexus so it can take us all forward, together. We’ve got a lot of our own plans in store as well. Can’t wait to share them with you.

To learn more about VFX Nexus either before you decide to sign up or after you are already an avid user, come back to this blog as we’ll share techniques, insight, new features and new tricks by articles and screencasts.

Thanks to all of those who have supported our efforts to create VFX Nexus.

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