VFX Nexus 2.0

Our main website is about to be relaunched with new information regarding version 2.0. We’ve been working non-stop since launching at the beginning of the year. Here’s a look at what’s in store:
File attachments for shots.  We are including 1 Gigabyte of storage with each VFX Nexus installation. We'll be charging $2 for each additional gigabyte of space you request.

A more project-centric approach to management.  Each Project now has better permission settings for controlling access. We used to have Studios, now we use "Teams" - We've created the ability to control access to Projects based on teams.  For instance, now it’s possible to create a team, perhaps called “Freelancers.” You can then specify that all Freelancers are able to see only their own shots within a Project. If you have another company working for you, say “ZippyFX,” you can limit them to seeing only shots assigned to ZippyFX .
Teams are added as a global option, and if it's a feature that doesn't pertain to you, you can turn it off to keep your workflow simplified.

Artist centric enhancements. A new Dashboard page gives artists instant access to all the work at hand, keeping them informed of the latest updates to the status of their shots and tasks.

Multiple artists (users) per shot. In our launch version, we had an artist and a compositor defined for each shot. We have broken away from that limitation and any number of artists can be attached to a shot for a wider range of collaborative efforts. Add your compositing specialist, your camera tracker, your scene-specific modeler, your lighter, and your technical director all to the same shot.

A refined, streamlined look.  We clobbered the interface inconsistencies, and made visual enhancements to all pages so information is easier to find and where you need it most.

We've also simplified our pricing.  $15USD for each user account, recurring monthly.  

There's a one-time $50USD setup fee to get going for those needing SSL Security.  We usually have your account ready in a few hours.

Get ready to take command of your VFX workflow.

The demo is currently running 2.0, if you have signed up for it in the past you may use the password and username you received to take a look at it now. If you don’t have access, sign up now with the subscribe form at the top of our home page.


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