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VFX Nexus is proud to announce two new additions to our service: automatic, recurring billing and online documentation. If you’re a new customer, automatated, monthly billing will be, well, automatic! If you’re an existing customer, email us to get swtiched to automatic billing right away.
The only exception to our recurring billing is the SSL security option. If you wish to order this, it requires a one-time, separate transaction. After your initial setup, it’s time to concentrate on using VFX Nexus.
Online documentation: we’ve always had inline help throughout the entire interface of VFX Nexus, but now we have a separate area for
tutorial style information. Through this area of our site, you can learn how to approach VFX Nexus as a complete product. The inline help is great for a place to get a hint for day to day work, but the support section if great for admins and artists to get the big picture. It’s also completely up to date, and we can easily expand on any topic you need us to. Please hit us up with suggestions for anything you feel needs more coverage.

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