VFX Nexus is constantly scanning for news about and insights into project and team management. It’s especially nice to see an article that elegantly illustrates the problem we are solving. Inc. magazine has published an article titledA Little Less Conversation. In this article, Joel Spolsky discusses how trying to keep one-to-one communication going as a team expands eventually paralyzes that team as there are simply too many connections to keep up.
The solution is to centralize communication. Where this article specifies a person as the gatekeeper of the information, we like to recommend a system for holding all this information: VFX Nexus. We designed VFX Nexus to be the go-to place to find out information about a VFX project, down to the individual tasks that make up a shot. Furthermore, all those involved in one aspect of a shot still have the abilitly to communicate back and forth, but they can do so without having to distract others from their tasks. This takes the number of connections that need to be made down to their most effiecient minimum.
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article from Inc. and see how it relates to your team.

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