Using Tasks To Sort Shot Types

Recently a user was trying to find a way to designate shots by the type of work needing to be done. Furthermore, being able to search by the type of work was also required.

We’re going to create a simple example by designating the following types of shots:

For these various activities, add individual Tasks to each of the shots that involves these activities. By maintaining a consistent naming, searching becomes simple.

Each shot can have any number of Tasks assigned, and if you standardize your task names, they become easily searchable through the Tasks tab within your Project. These tasks can be added through the Shot Detail pages, or through the Add Bulk Tasks or New Task menu items under the Tasks tab.

In the case of the shot in this example, I created a Task called “TRACK,” and I’m in the process of adding another task called “ROTO.”
Task with type1
Once added, all tasks for a Project are easily listed through the Tasks-> View All Tasks menu item.

By clicking "Show Task Filters" right above the list of Tasks, you can narrow down (effectively sort and search)
by typing in the name of the activity you are looking for.  To see all shots that require roto work, type "ROTO" into
the first task box and click the Display button.
Tasks as Types Sort
This should provide an elegant way to create lists of the types of shots you have in your Project. Keep in mind that you may simultaneously assign these tasks to the Users you specify, and they can track their workload via their My Tasks page.

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